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The RSS Quest - Installing Feedbin Refresher

This is Part 2 of The RSS Quest. This article assumes you've followed and installed everything mentioned in Part 1

The Feedbin Refresher does exactly what you'd think it does: refreshes feeds. It's a pretty essential part of Feedbin and thankfully much easier to get running than Feedbin itself.

First up, pull the code:

git clone

Then change into the refresher directory

cd refresher

At this point you'll need to install Ruby 2.2.0 with RVM:

rvm install 2.2.0

Then use it:

rvm use 2.2.0

Then make sure we have

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The RSS Quest - Installing Feedbin

Ever since Google Reader was retired, I've been looking for a decent replacement, preferably a self hosted one. I've Tried TinyTiny RSS, SelfOSS, and several others, but nothing really satisfied whatever it is that I subconsciously wanted. After searching for a while, I gave up on RSS readers and just read things as I felt like it. Recently, I decided to try again, assuming that the self-hosted RSS reader market had improved. For the most part, it hasn't, but I did happen to stumble across Feedbin, which claims to be:

A fast, simple RSS reader that delivers a great reading experience.

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