"It's in the cloud", is a phrase we hear and say every day. Cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud communication - is all very trendy. But its name is an issue.

The other afternoon, while attempting to help someone locate pictures online, I was told that the pictures were 'in the cloud'. They were trying to help, which is always appreciated, but that's when it hit me - the phrase, 'in the cloud', needs to go.

Saying something is in the cloud is like saying, 'I've hidden what you want at Wal Mart. I won't tell you which one though.'

Or better, it's like saying that something is on the Internet...a little vague, right?

There's over 5000 of Wal Mart stores in the US[1], and with IPv4 exhaustion[1:1], you can tell how many devices make up the Internet. There's seemingly an equal number of 'cloud providers'.

Those pictures? They were just on Facebook.

If you store something 'in the cloud', just say where it is. If it's in Dropbox, say it's in Dropbox. If it's in Google Drive, say that. Don't just say it's 'in the cloud' and expect people will be able to find it.

![There is no cloud](/content/images/2016/02/no_cloud.png)

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