Well, that was fun.

After re-scheduling the ride 4 times due to weather and availability, I was finally able to do the check ride.

Getting it scheduled was a bit of an ordeal. The examiner my instructor usually uses had to get a re-check with someone from the FAA before he could do my check ride. The original plan was for my check ride and his to happen at the same time. The only concern there was I'd have to do the check ride in a DA-40 rather than the DA-20 I have 60 some odd hours in. To make a long story short, I didn't have to fly with a DPE and the FAA, but I stuck with the DA-40 since I'd put in all the time learning everything in it. I wouldn't recommend changing airplanes last minute like that. Where most of my maneuvers were awesome in the DA-20, Im still a little rough around the edges in the DA-40. Thankfully, he was understanding and lenient.

I'll spare the details about the oral. If you've seen this video, you've pretty much seen my oral. The one thing he did share, that I didn't realize, what that choosing checkpoints like distant airports isn't always good. The PTS only allows you to be off 3 miles of course (left or right). My route looked like this. I like the first check point because it's really easy to see from the air, but he didn't. I ended up using a few roads instead, but still used the first airport and a VOR radial as secondary checks.

The flying portion was very straight forward and by the book. My first take off was a soft field and then we went straight in to the cross country. After the cross country/diversion was over, we went straight into steep turns. My left one wasn't pretty but I was able to pull back to altitude and still rolled out on heading. The right was much better.

After steep turns, we did slow flight, a power off stall, a power on stall (with partial power), then some hood work, followed by an emergency decent. The descent was fine, but there was some mis-communication about the field I chose. I said "over by the red barn" without realizing there was more than one red barn. I should've known better. It's Georgia. Oops.

After all the maneuvers we did a soft field landing, a short field take off, a short field landing, and then a slip to a normal landing.

In hindsight, I wish I had been more on my game. I kinda let nerves get the better part of me, but hey, it was all safe, within limits and I came out knowing a little more than I knew when I went in.

Now, onto the instrument rating...and a trip or two to the beach. :)