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Extract Audio track from MKV

This is totally off the wall, but I had to do it today. I needed the audio track from an MKV file. If you got here from Google, there's several desktop apps that can do this, but I don't like that approach; I'd much rather do things on a command line.

I used a few tools from mkvtoolnix to do it. Install instructions are beyond the scope of this post, but are available here.

First, you need to know the tracks that make up the file. To do this, you can use the mkvinfo command:

mkvinfo My_File.mkv

This will

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'The Cloud' Needs to Go

"It's in the cloud", is a phrase we hear and say every day. Cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud communication - is all very trendy. But its name is an issue.

The other afternoon, while attempting to help someone locate pictures online, I was told that the pictures were 'in the cloud'. They were trying to help, which is always appreciated, but that's when it hit me - the phrase, 'in the cloud', needs to go.

Saying something is in the cloud is like saying, 'I've hidden what you want at Wal Mart. I won't tell you which one though.

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Passed my Check Ride!

Well, that was fun.

After re-scheduling the ride 4 times due to weather and availability, I was finally able to do the check ride.

Getting it scheduled was a bit of an ordeal. The examiner my instructor usually uses had to get a re-check with someone from the FAA before he could do my check ride. The original plan was for my check ride and his to happen at the same time. The only concern there was I'd have to do the check ride in a DA-40 rather than the DA-20 I have 60 some odd hours in. To make a

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A Few Good Reads

Just a few good articles I stumbled across this week. Courtesy of HN:

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VW Trailer Assist

This is pretty cool:

Watch the new trailer assist video here: more about trailer assist here:

Posted by Volkswagen on Monday, January 18, 2016

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Generate One Time Password in Python

I hate pulling out my phone every time I need that stupid 6 digit code to login to Gmail/GitHub/Dropbox/AWS and any other site that supports 2 factor. I like the added security, I just hate reaching for my phone 30 times a day. In an effort t simplify my workflow, I threw this quick python script together to generate the code for me:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import pyotp
totp = pyotp.TOTP('YourReallyLongToken')

You'll probably need to install pyotp with pip.

From there, I created a simple Alfred Workflow to paste it for me when

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Launching Instances with the AWS CLI

I have a pretty cool job. When my team isn't putting out fires in our production environment, we're working on ways to automate future deployments to production and even non-production environments. Part of that is spinning up new VMs inside AWS. If you're just setting up one VM, working through the AWS Console isn't too bad. If you're setting up more than that, it's an irritatingly repetitive process. I installed the AWS CLI utilities originally to just pull down existing inventory data, but then realized that I can do a whole lot more than just that. I found that you can

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The RSS Quest - Installing Feedbin Refresher

This is Part 2 of The RSS Quest. This article assumes you've followed and installed everything mentioned in Part 1

The Feedbin Refresher does exactly what you'd think it does: refreshes feeds. It's a pretty essential part of Feedbin and thankfully much easier to get running than Feedbin itself.

First up, pull the code:

git clone

Then change into the refresher directory

cd refresher

At this point you'll need to install Ruby 2.2.0 with RVM:

rvm install 2.2.0

Then use it:

rvm use 2.2.0

Then make sure we have

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